Mission Ready Solutions Inc.

Mission Ready was created to meet the critical needs of the US Government and, in particular, the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and Justice in addition to federal, state and local law enforcement, first-responders and all others worldwide that serve to safeguard our health and security.

Who We Are

To save lives, prevent injuries and enhance the performance of military personnel, first-responders and all those who protect us by equipping with the next generation of personal protective technologies.

PTF Manufacturing Inc.  (“PTFM”) is a manufacturer of high quality tactical nylon gear located in the beautiful mountains of Jacksboro, Tennessee. Our goal is to develop and distribute high quality tactical nylon gear and soft armor ballistics to ensure the protection of our forces. We look to serve those who serve us, such as but not limited to: law enforcement, military, fire, emergency, corrections and all those in between.

PTFM is a division of Mission Ready Services Inc. (“MRSI”). PTFM and its parent and sister companies provide services for law enforcement, fire, emergency, military and many other organizations. Our goal is to provide superior quality products to those who serve us and provide outstanding support to our dealers.

All products listed on our website are made in the United States of America. We take pride in the fact that we are USA based and most fabrics used in our designs are acquired from US based distribution and weaving companies. While guaranteeing authentic USA made products, we also give the best price possible which are very comparable to prices seen from products made overseas.

Our manufacturing facility is comprised of multiple rows of operational machinery that enhances our ability to get product out the door. Our experienced sewing teams operate on multiple orders simultaneously and achieve the same goal in the end: a high quality American made product!

PTF Innovations, a division of Mission Ready Solutions, develops, enhances, tests and pioneers new and advanced technologies relating to defense and personal protection. Comprised of a highly qualified team of diverse innovators and product experts, the PTF Innovations team are advancing the Company’s portfolio of ground-breaking new defense & security-related products including its revolutionary Flex9Armor and Tactical Shield Cover.

PTF Innovations develops and markets products in the area of wearable technologies synthesizing advanced textiles with electronics and computation for personal protection and safety such as the No Contact jacket and glove. No-Contact is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mission Ready Solutions and is focused on wearable technologies synthesizing advanced textiles with electronics and computation for personal protection and safety. No-Contact has developed a proprietary technology known as Electro Muscular Disruption technology (“EMD”) to assist security personnel and law enforcement officers confronted with close-quarter assault situations.